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Welcome to Hauer & Kopal your removal partner!

Are you planning to move your house or your flat? Under your own steam? Are your friends and family going to help out? Or maybe you are planning the complicated move of a company?


We have many years’ experience under our belts, have the necessary knowledge and have the personnel and the means for a successful move. Renowned references are the proof.


Our website provides you with an initial impression: this is the address for picking up good tips for your move. However, nothing can replace a face-to-face meeting. Simply give us a call if you have any questions or if you require a non-binding offer.

CONTACT US: +43 1 917 65 – 0

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Hauer & Kopal GesmbH


Eduard-Kittenberger-Gasse 56 / Obj. 10
 • A-1230 Wien

Telefon: +43 1 917 65 – 0
 • Telefax: +43 1 917 65 – 220

E-Mail: office@hauer-kopal.at
Letzte Änderung: 28.11.2022

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